Anna Karenina

Tolstoy, Leo

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A novel offering insight into the lives of upper-class Russians before the Revolution. This is the story of the tragic fate of Anna, locked in a dull marriage, and who falls in love with a young officer. [Big read - this book is read over two months - groups on a full programme would receive only nine books for the year.] [Small font]

Comments from Groups

Most of us, those who read it, loved it. Paihia 001

Book was incredible. Christchurch 222

One of the best discussions we've had on subjects ranging from narcissism and forgiveness to Tolstoy's wonderfully descriptive style, and changes (or lack thereof) in society's response to adultery since those times. Christchurch 152

What can we say - beautiful book. Everyone loved it. Ohope 001



CHCH 222
Book was long; would like to read the shortened version. Not many finished it. Discussion was ok.
AUCK 211
Only one member read the whole book, but everyone enjoyed what they did read.
We needed two months to read this substantial book - not all of the group finished it but all read most of it. We met after the first month to watch the film which we all enjoyed ( despite the very stylized treatment) . The book sparked quite a discussion.
TAUP 005
Most of the group had been put off reading the book because of its length, but the others enjoyed Tolstoy's descriptions of Russia's urban and rural environments and the complexities of human relationships. Although it was at times too detailed, he brought people to life so well that they could have been living today. He goes to the descriptive limits of everything that happens in the story, often with amusing irony, whether his characters are princes or peasants. A wonderful insight into Russia at that time.