Morrison, Toni

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Exuberant, but painful writing of an African-American writer about ex-slaves. The effects of slavery continue even to this day.

Comments from Groups

Despite the timelines and interweaving characters getting a bit confusing at times , most people enjoyed this book. There was a lot of discussion. Governor's Bay 003

Very mixed reactions. 50/50 enjoyed or couldn't get into it. Not an easy read, historically correct, disturbing, harsh, thought-provoking about guilt. Those who read it interpreted events differently. Auckland 016

Some of the content distrubed some but all found the writing stimulating once the three characters telling the story became sorted in the reader's mind. An absorbing challenge to the intellect. Ashburton 003

Beautifully written - confusing with ghosts and story not understood by many members. Wellington 020

A horrifying slice of history and an interesting writing style. Ohope 003

Excellent discussion. Very, very moving. Outstanding story. Palmerston North 012

What a great book. We all loved it. Not easy but so worth the effort. Auckland 226



WANG 008
Many members struggled to complete the book, but there was a wide ranging discussion of slavery and the consequences...
CHCH 095
We all loved the book. Found it sad, beautiful and very powerful. Morrison sure is a talented writer, using few words to paint very vivid pictures. The discussion was lively with equal input from each participant. Excellent notes and questions.
Some of our members found it unapproachable. Those who did read it found it very powerful - one said, "It gave me nightmares, but it was beautiful". Personally, I think it's one of the best American novels - a powerful insight into slavery. Notes were helpful.
AKAR 001
We all thought this was a marvellous book, which made us all shocked at the extent of oppression and cruelty inflicted on the negro slaves.
AUCK 204
This book had a mixed response with our group, which provoked a lot of good discussion. It was a pleasant change to read a book we didn't all agree on.
WANG 006
Those that read it enjoyed it, but you definitely need to read the notes before reading to get you through the first couple of chapters.
ROTO 004
Some people did not finish or read the book, but we had a very lively discussion - much more so than for some of our other choices.
Generally appreciated the book. Notes were extremely good, but questions were rather long.
MAST 004
Loved by our female members. Completely opposite view from the men!