Black Swan Green

Mitchell, David

  10 Reviews

A series of stories provides a monthly snapshot of Jason Taylor's life in small-town England. The parallel universe inhabited by a thirteen-year-old English boy in 1982 is a world of superstition, misinformation, obsession with social status, the mystery of girls, popular songs, school, his family's increasing dysfunction, and dimly understood political upheaval. Mostly though, Jason Taylor struggles with his stammer and school bullies.

Comments from Groups

We all absolutely loved this! All of us felt that we could relate to Jason, regardless of our age and where we grew up.Queenstown 010

All mothers could relate to teenage issues! Gisborne 005

The writing was excellent with the author capturing the voice and thoughts of the characters very well.We had an excellent discussion with many twists and turns. Would highly recommend this book. Christchurch 001

We all found the book a good read. The author had got 'into the head' of the young boy. Good tips on dealing with speech impediment and bullying too. Ngongotaha 001

Wonderful writing and way of putting things. Learnt lots about stammering/stuttering. Funny at times and very moving as well. Havelock 001



Unfortunately most did not enjoy this book - however I did. Thought it well-written, and it gave me a lot to think about, having two grandsons heading towards their teens! What do teenage boys think, I've often wondered!
CHCH 145
Wonderful book. Enjoyed by the whole group. Loved the humour and the style. Some weren't sure about the short story format, but it did not detract. A fun read.
The group all enjoyed this book.
FERN 001
Largely enjoyed by the group. Painfully honest but touchingly real, cleverly written and an original way to comment on an adult life through a 13-year-old's eyes.
WELL 060
Excellent book - well written.
Several in our book group couldn't "get into" this story, as the early part of the story didn't appeal to them, so they abandoned the book. Some members enjoyed the strong themes of coping with a stutter, bullying, break-up of the family etc. Members could relate to a 13 year old boy's story, but didn't really want to read about it!
MAST 008
Mixed feelings from the group, some really loved it and others couldn't get into it! The positives were that it was a great read and thoroughly captured the life of a 13 year old boy. Great descriptions of his life in all its aspects and relationships. Some felt it a bit disconnected, and felt that the descriptions were a bit tedious.
UPHU 003
Most members read and enjoyed the book. Felt glad to have read it even though it was bit slow at times.
Good imagery, engaging, most enjoyed immensely.
AUCK 402
Our girls struggled with the book as they found it hard to relate to a British boy growing up in the 1980s. They struggled with the terms, cultural references and a lot of the language, so didn't enjoy it as much as they could have. Many didn't finish. However they did enjoy the character and felt empathy with him, his speech impediment and anxiety, and his innocence.