Blackout Book Club, The

Green, Amy Lynn

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It's 1942 and when Avis Montgomery's brother heads off to the war in Europe, she reluctantly takes up his role of head-librarian in their small town in Maine. Reading isn't really Avis's thing, but needs must and she starts a book club in an effort to keep the library open. Before long this disparate group of readers are involved with one another's lives, supporting each other as the country moves to its war footing, and U-boat battles loom offshore.

This is an engaging and satisfying read with its well-developed characters attesting to the power of friendship and literature to get you through the tough times.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"I strongly recommend this book. I had never really considered what life in wartime would be like for Americans and didn't realise how close danger came to their shores either."

"Because each character is given time in the spotlight, we really get to know the characters."

"A good book group book - something to learn and told in an engaging way."

"Any book focusing on book clubs and libraries and the importance of reading will always get my vote!"

"We learn how war brings out the best, and sometimes the worst, in people."

"The characters are well-drawn, believable and their depth is revealed in a satisfying way."

I enjoyed the strong female characters from a wide variety of worlds (rich, poor, immigrants, manual labour)."



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