Breakfast at Tiffany's

Capote, Truman

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In this collection of four short stories, Capote explores the themes of loneliness, social alienation and friendship through the marriage of a prostitute, the incarceration of a long serving prisoner and an innocent friendship that is diminished by time. In "Breakfast at Tiffany's", the longest of the stories, a writer reminisces about the life and times of the dazzling Holly Golightly, a liberal playgirl in 1940s New York. [Small font]

Comments from Groups

Enjoyed by the whole group - a lovely read. Just a short read, but every word hand picked - the stories were like 'jewels'. Wellington 057

Very good - everyone enjoyed the stories and the excellent writing. Auckland 090

Everyone appreciated the beautiful use of descriptive prose - he made you feel as if you were right there. Motueka 001

We found this book to be a sharp contrast to the famous movie adaptation, and we had differing opinions of Holly Golightly's character and motivations, but we universally loved the writing in this classic book. Wellington 116

Some thought it beautifully crafted writing - others couldn't get into it at all. Masterton 008

A wonderful read. For some, an introduction to Truman Capote, resulting in a wish to read more. A brillliant short story writer with most beautiful words and exquisite descriptions. A joy. Wellington 041



RAUM 001
We all thought the writing was brilliant, especially the descriptions of characters. Many changes were made to produce the movie.
The story provided a lot of discussion amongst the group. All enjoyed reading it, but one member only after the 2nd reading. It was an intense read, and, at times, almost impenetrable. But we all felt he nailed the characters' personalities, particularly Holly's.
This was the first book in ages that all the group were enthusiastically positive about. We all loved the ease of reading Capote's writing, his ability to create believable characters in a short story, and his easily flowing language. We were all enthused by the story itself, but some were disappointed by the ending. The themes of friendship and love, its use and abuse, were discussed. The consensus was that Capote is a great storyteller.
Everyone liked the book, kept comparing it to the 1961 film starring Audrey Hepburn. We thought it was a sad story of a girl who was searching for a good life (money, love) but did not realise that she had already lost it. Writing superb and intuitive with tightly written prose.
AUCK 167
There were mixed feelings about the book. Some enjoyed it, and Capote's writing style. Others had high expectations due to it being a well known movie, and were disappointed. We all loved the three short stories, 'A Christmas Morning' in particular.
AUCK 063
Almost none of us had read this, but all very eager - and then loved it. Much to discuss, especially comparing the book to the movie - as always, some very marked differences.
We enjoyed the way that Holly Golightly was portrayed - quirky, comical, fashionable and very glamorous!
NELS 018
Most readers said that this novel is one that they could read several times over. The author's writing style was very much enjoyed.
NELS 007
Nine out of twelve REALLY enjoyed the book; Truman Capote's style and beauty of his writing, the characters, and the descriptive prose. The others, while they appreciated the writing, did not enjoy the story so much - too American, too different.
We all very much enjoyed Truman Capote's excellent writing; for those who remembered the film, we preferred the book! We loved the short stories - very poignant, especially 'A Christmas Memory' - an autobiographical piece.
CHCH 395
Everyone enjoyed reading this classic novella, and an interesting discussion followed. A good title for the BDS.
Loved it, especially the short stories - a pleasant surprise that they were there. Book far superior to the movie.
NEWP 013
Those that attended had read the book and enjoyed it. The host got the DVD of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', and many of us remembered it from our childhoods. The book has survived the test of time and is very readable. Short stories also enjoyable.
NELS 040
An interesting dive into the past. The short stories were as popular as 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' with the group. Well worth reading.
AUCK 010
We all enjoyed this book and also the other 3 stories very much. Some felt their mental idea of Holly had been compromised by Audrey Hepburn's portrayal in the film. The writing and characterisation was superb and sometimes not so evident in today's novels.
Fabulous, really moving and subtle and deep.