Call Your Daughter Home

Spera, Deb

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Branchville, South Carolina is still reeling from the ravages of the boll weevil and with the glimmer of the Great Depression on the horizon, more hard times are to come. But for three of the town's citizens, the challenges they face are far more personal.

From different walks of life but connected through their individual circumstances, Retta Bootles, a first-generation freed slave, Annie Cole, her employer and matriarch of an influential family, and Gertrude Pardee, a mother of four daughters, each experience the prejudices of class and race that are a harsh reality of the era.

With its alternating narration, the distinctive voices of its strong characters, and its passionate depiction of motherhood, this is a gritty and unforgettable story of the Deep South. [Larger font]



Overall the group enjoyed this book. Well-written.
Majority of readers loved this book, but all agreed it was a bit slow getting into it. Great first book to start our book club.
Everyone enjoyed reading this book. There was plenty of discussion as many topics were brought up in the book. The history mentioned of that part of America and the customs of small town living were most interesting, and prompted some to do more research about slavery etc. and the "camp".
TAKA 001
Overall, a very much-loved book; great description of characters, the country etc. The author's background in movies etc. showed in her ability to create pictures with words. She also cleverly narrated each character in her own language. A very good book for a first publication. There was interesting discussion about the three different women, and their motivations.
This book created some thoughtful discussion about women's roles in the 1920s in Southern USA. It was quite confronting around poverty, race and abuse, and for some the narration of each character was a little annoying. But the novel portrayed the role of women, their lives and the challenges they faced within their families and the wider community in an extremely difficult time. Each of the characters were wives and had daughters and those daughters and those relationships were interwoven into the story as well as to each other. An emotional read. Most of our group would recommend this book .
GISB 012
We all enjoyed this book. One of our group read it twice!
NEWP 014
Universally popular due to the great characters, engaging storyline, and slice of 1920s American life.
CHCH 539
Popular read for all although definitely portrayed some confronting themes and life changing moments. It gave a very real picture of the life and challenges of that era, and particularly for women and their place in relationships and society.. Our discussion focused mostly on the lives of the women, their strengths, but also their vulnerabilities and need for survival. Discussion about the title and who exactly was called home posed interesting thoughts. Provoking warm story.
AUCK 216
The whole group really enjoyed this interesting book which is unusual!
AUCK 353
We all enjoyed the book; found it thought-provoking and the setting interesting.
ROTO 003
We all enjoyed this book.
HAVE 005
Enjoyable read.
We loved this book. It was well-written and one we couldn't put down. A brilliant first novel.
AUCK 272
Excellent book.
NEWP 018
Really good read. A page turner from the beginning. The ensuing discussion was very lively re family dynamics and responsibilities. Highly recommend this book.
WELL 153
Pacy novel - very much enjoyed by all in the group. What happened to the characters really mattered to the reader. The strong female characters were a particular favourite. Highly recommended.