Clockwork Orange, A

Burgess, Anthony

  3 Reviews

This fantasy of urban violence raises questions about society's right to tamper with the individual. UK. [Small font]

Comments from Groups

Those who finished it really enjoyed it.Christchurch 231

It was hard going but it certainly stimulated good discussion. Feilding 002

A lot of the group couldn't get past the language but I am pleased that I did. Auckland 157

Inaccessible, inpenetrable, violent, not good bedtime reading. Very interesting introduction and notes that did help us understand why it was written and the controversy following the film. Motueka 003



AUCK 420
A difficult read with intense slang and language that made it time consuming to understand, and disrupted the flow. But once reading, we found it an interesting story with a hard to like character.
WELL 018
Some chose not to read it, but those of us who did were impressed - thought it very thought-provoking; we were surprised to find that the 'made up' language acted as a filter for the violence, and so didn't find the violence difficult or unpleasant to read.
AUCK 329
Everyone enjoyed it - surprisingly! Deep and interesting discussion.