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Measure, The
Erlick, Nikki
Our Missing Hearts
Ng, Celeste
Sea of Tranquility
Mandel, Emily St John
Calculating Stars, The
Kowal, Mary Robinette
McConaghy, Charlotte
New Wilderness
Cook, Diane
Lam, Laura
Plum Rains
Romano-Lax, Andromeda
Testaments, The
Atwood, Margaret
Machines Like Me
McEwan, Ian
Survival Game, The
Singer, Nicky
How to Stop Time
Haig, Matt
Power, The
Alderman, Naomi
Exit West
Hamid, Mohsin
Station Eleven
Mandel, Emily St John
Martian, The
Weir, Andy
Hunger Games, The
Collins, Suzanne
Shades of Grey
Fforde, Jasper
Road, The
McCarthy, Cormac
Plague, The
Camus, Albert
Oryx and Crake
Atwood, Margaret
Never Let Me Go
Ishiguro, Kazuo
Lord of the Flies, The
Golding, William
Handmaid's Tale, The
Atwood, Margaret
Clockwork Orange, A
Burgess, Anthony
Animal Farm
Orwell, George