Crazy Love

Allan, Rosetta

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When Vicki and Billy meet and fall in love, the world is their oyster. From 1980's Napier to the bright lights of Auckland and the lure of the mighty dollar, their relationship is a wild rollercoaster ride. There is flair and talent, living the high life, having a family, and then there is the spectre of mental illness. Can love really conquer all?

Reflecting the author's own experiences, this is the raw and gripping story of a tumultuous relationship laid bare and a skilfully rendered portrayal of New Zealand over time.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Definitely recommended."

"A gripping narrative and you really care about what happens, especially as it's all based on truth."

"Great writing and a real window into a world I expect many book group members will be unaware of - I was."

"The book is a bit grim, but it has such important themes written by an important new NZ author."

"Very good writing - very sympathetic and detailed description of being/living with bipolar."

"It's a gripping read but be prepared - it has it all - drugs, sex, violence, language."

"Because the story is based on the author's own experience, it makes it that much more interesting - but also shocking."

"You become so very aware of the lack of support for people with severe mental illness."

"Vicki shows what love and commitment really mean - a great character."



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