Fountains of Silence, The

Supetys, Ruta

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Daniel Matheson, the son of a Texan oil tycoon, and Ana Moreno come from very different worlds. When Daniel visits Madrid with his father who is drumming up business with the fascist regime, Ana is their hotel attendant, a young woman whose family have been devastated by the Civil War and its fallout. Daniel's passion is photography and it is through the images he captures that he comes face to face with the realities of General Franco's reign.

Both a love story and a mystery involving orphaned children, this is a compelling story of the havoc wreaked by the fear and oppression of 1950's Spain, well supported by cited primary sources. [Small font]

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"A really good read with a mix of chilling and some lighter moments."

"The elements of suspense throughout when danger threatens are well-handled."

"The short, almost 'snapshot' chapters keep the story moving along."

"The book left me disturbed at what happened but also because I didn't have a great understanding or comprehension of this time in Spain."

"No negatives from me. It was a really good read."

"I liked the way the author inserted frequent historical comments, reports etc from authoritative figures to 'ground' the events."



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