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Birnam Wood [NZ]
Catton, Eleanor
Orwell's Roses [NF]
Solnit, Rebecca
Fear [NF/NZ]
Clark, Byron C
Fortunate Woman, A [NF]
Morland, Polly
Abominations [NF]
Shriver, Lionel
Our Missing Hearts
Ng, Celeste
Life on our Planet, A [NF]
Attenborough, David
Good Mother, The
Cairns, Rae
No Escape [NF]
Turkel, Nury
Freezing Order [NF]
Browder, Bill
Vaughan, Sarah
Star of the North
John, D.B.
Harlem Shuffle
Whitehead, Colson
Know Your Place [NF/NZ]
Ghahraman, Golriz
Humankind [NF]
Bregman, Rutger