God Help The Child

Morrison, Toni

  7 Reviews

Discrimination comes in all shapes and sizes and in Bride's case the fact that she is ebony black puts her at the bottom of the colour pecking order. Even her light-skinned mother, Sweetness, finds her darkness an affront. However, Bride survives and prospers but just how successfully can you distance yourself from a troubled childhood?

Told from multiple viewpoints, this provocative and punchy story exposes discrimination within discrimination and considers the legacy of childhood experience.



CHCH 202
A lot of discussion. This book is a powerful read with very skilfully depicted characters, all of whom are far from perfect and have hidden pasts of one form or another. A great book.
AUCK 038
Loved it.
AUCK 025
Our group loved this book. We accepted that some of the characters weren't so well drawn and the descriptive writing not as extensive as usual, but so many relevant issues were very well described. We had a very lively discussion!
AUCK 208
Most of our group were pleased with the read. Some felt the book could have been developed more. Some will read other books by the same author. The characters were real - people rising above their circumstances at birth and the knocks of life to survive.
AUCK 174
We mostly didn't like the subject matter and especially the rejection of the baby by its mother and father on the basis of colour. A quick and easy read, but did seem a bit "written by a much older person" than the story purports to be by. It did feel that as a group of white, reasonably well-off ladies from NZ, that we were in a very poor position to have any real personal understanding of the issues.
TOKO 001
Seemingly a simple story, but actually multi-layered and with great depth.
The vote was 50/50 - some interesting views especially on the racist aspect, and the perceived "inadequate parenting". Not too different from the situation in New Zealand