Golden State

Kegan, Stephanie

  8 Reviews

It's not going to be happy-ever-after for Natalie Askendahl and her kin. A teacher and wife of an attorney, Natalie's suspicion that her beloved older brother Bobby is connected to a series of bombings on Californian college campuses, unleashes a torrent of guilt and blame on her previously politically influential family.

Riveting and provocative, this is the story of a family grappling with issues of loyalty and moral ambiguity and the challenges of trying to protect those that you love.



AUCK 306
Only 5 (half of us) attended the meeting, but we all felt the same about the book. Great read on an intense topic, which did drag on a bit towards the conclusion because the question of culpability was answered much earlier on. The way that one family member's deranged and horrific actions impacted on all those affected. The description of Natalie's thinking following her suspicions of brother Bobby, we found particularly poignant (if that's the right word!)
Unfortunately this book was not a favourite amongst our group. The story itself has potential however we found this to be drawn out and the characters were not endearing.
AUCK 344
Very topical and thought provoking. This book generated the best discussion our group has had!
ASHB 001
Alarmingly topical. It was an easy book to read, but horrid in what it made you contemplate. Very full discussion ensued. We had little empathy for the main character. Most were pleased to have read it despite the difficult issues.
POKE 001
A very easy read but not memorable. The main character is every sad and overdone. Too drawn out, and gave the plot away right at the beginning.
KURO 002
Great discussion. Super read!!
Generated some interesting discussions.
AUCK 063
A big spread of opinions on this one. A couple loved it and could relate to many of the characters. Others found it slow, rambling and over emotive. Intriguing premise and issues, and the feeling of how would each of us react though, despite the negativity.