Grave Tattoo, The

McDermid, Val

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The Grave Tattoo has England's Lake District as the backdrop for a drama of life and death - the ultimate prize, a bounty worth millions. A little-known fact about Fletcher Christian, leader of the mutiny on the "Bounty", was that he was born on a farm in Cumbria, in the English Lake District, in 1764, six years before William Wordsworth, whom he probably knew. The theory is that, after the mutiny, Christian left Pitcairn Island and returned to England to clear his name. Did Christian fake his own death in order to return home secretly? [Big read, larger font]

Comments from Groups

People appreciated the light read. It did generate quite a lot of discussion about her style. All of the group enjoyed the book. Easy reading. Ending slightly disappointing. So many sub-plots. Enjoyed historical Fletcher Christian. Ashburton 016

A rollicking read despite all the holes in the story. Nelson 021



TURA 003
A good read, well-written and engaging.