Hang the Moon

Walls, Jeannette

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Meet the Kincaids ... a family to be reckoned with in Claiborne County, West Virginia. It is the prohibition era and the Kincaids are highly successful bootleggers, led by their patriarch, the Duke. But with his untimely demise, his daughter Sallie comes into her own, navigating feuding families, lawlessness and complex moral dilemmas, all while keeping the moonshine flowing.

With a nod to the history of the Tudor dynasty, this is an entertaining story with a feisty, no-nonsense protagonist claiming her place in the changing American South.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"This would have to be one of the most enjoyable books I've read for a while. I'm only sorry it had to end."

"The mix of romance, loss, mystery, drama and action worked very well."

"I couldn't put it down - very gripping."

"Life in prohibition times is well-researched and realistic."

"A complex story that is interesting and enjoyable."

"The contrast of poverty and wealth was very well done."

"I thought there were too many complexities in the family tree. The plot is quite convoluted."



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