Moore, Liz

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Arthur Opp describes himself as 'colossally fat'. At the opposite end of the physical spectrum is teenager Kel Keller, an aspiring baseball star. Never the twain shall meet, but for Charlene, Kel's mother. Once a student of Arthur's, she re-establishes contact, setting in play a connection that will change their lives.

A tale of suburban New York, this story examines isolation and loneliness and the transformative power of connection and community.

Comments from Groups

Our group thought this was a great read. The title is very apt, as Heft not only relates to physical size but also the weight of problems and issues of people in the story. The ending leaves you with hope. Tokoroa 001

All readers got something out of this book. Sad, hopeful and poignant. Christchurch 024

We gave it an 8/10. We found it light and easy to read and the characters were of interest. A sad tale told bravely and positively. A warm, hopeful, unjudgemental story from a young author. It showed deep understanding of human nature and our complex modern world. Wellington 018

All but one of us loved this book. A most unlikely 'hero', but immensely likeable. Human frailties so well told. We would love Liz Moore to write a sequel. Katikati 006

We all enjoyed reading this book. Some found the two voices off-putting, however we felt we had to keep reading and were wanting the optimistic conclusion. Napier 024

We enjoyed the book and particularly being told the story from the point of view of a 550 pound man. The author did a good job of creating a likeable character who could explain the impulses and circumstances that could lead to this situation. Will look out for the author's other novel. Huntly 001

As a group we really enjoyed this book. It was well-written and compelling. We'd highly recommend it. Motueka 004

Good story, we enjoyed it. Nelson 017

Book was enjoyed by most. A light read. Caused much interesting discussion. Upper Hutt 007

Book fuelled good discussion. The majority enjoyed the book. Whangarei 001

A great read with very 'true to life' characters. We thought it would make a great play. Although it was heart-wrenching at times, we thought that by the end of the novel each character had cause to hope for a better and happier future.Christchurch 238

The group was divided in their opinions. Winton 001



TAPA 001
The group enjoyed this book.
What was this There's the son from a poor background going to an upper class school with rich kids...oh and he has an alcoholic mother. Then there's the mother with her background of complicated relationships and the mystery of who really was the boy's father. Then there's the rich 400lb hermit...Then there's the pregnant Mexican girl ....Like all this stuff happening and some 350 pages later when it looks like it's all coming together it just stops. Like why write all that stuff then just stop Pffft don't bother...
We mostly loved this book - the stories, the characters, the writing, the narrative styles. Most wanted to know what happened next - and most agreed there were enough clues to imagine it. One was annoyed at what she felt was an abrupt ending. A very readable and relatable book.
PICT 006
Pretty hard to get into. A bit too American Struggled to relate. Some good things to talk about (as always) but overall not a winner.
NAP 023
An interesting read - well written. The topic of loneliness "self-imposed" to a point brought lively discussion. Arthur's ability to get food and other items 'on-line' was an interesting product of today's buying habits.
A very readable book. Complex set of characters. We felt that Arthur had wasted most of his life and hoped that if and when he meets Kel, they could be of use/help to each other, if only because they both knew and loved Charlene.
CHCH 304
It took a while to get into the story, but once hooked it was an easy read. Interesting characters and storyline. Created much discussion.
Loved it.
OXF 001
All of us enjoyed reading 'Heft', and were drawn into the interesting characters and how they each reacted to the world around them.
We enjoyed this book. A bit depressing at first for some, but the characters are endearing, and we decided it's the kind of book that stays with the reader. A memorable read.
WELL 169
Everyone read and enjoyed this book.
NELS 017
Good story - we enjoyed it.