Herd, The

Edwards, Emily

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To vax, or not to vax ... that is the question. It might be a very personal question, but it is one whose answer can have unforeseen consequences for children, as Elizabeth and Bryony discover. From close friends and neighbours in an English village, to adversaries in the court room in a flash, it is a question and moral position that must be defended.

Thought-provoking and compassionate, this is a timely story that grapples with the issue of childhood vaccination, in a page-turning, relatable style.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"This is a wonderful book and very suitable for book discussion groups."

"Utterly believable narrative and a very pleasing writing style."

"Magnificent twist in the tail."

"An excellent read. Vaccination is very topical and could be very divisive in a group discussion."

"Thought-provoking, moving and very topical."

"A very topical subject and great for group discussion."

"Extremely timely for today's readers."



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