How to Walk Away

Center, Katherine

  13 Reviews

In a story that begins with an engagement and ends with a wedding, Margaret Jacobsen is a worthy heroine. About to start her dream job, Maggie is flying high... until she isn't. When her life changes in an instant, during the months of rehabilitation that follow, she has no choice but to start living the life she has been given, not the one she was anticipating.

Both poignant and funny, this is a captivating story with appealing characters and a heart-warming message of hope amidst adversity.



ASHB 016
We had a mixed reaction to this book - two didn't like it at all. Two Mills & Boon & predictable, the rest of us really liked it but all agreed it was very predictable. It was an easy read but didn't have a lot of depth - still enjoyable though. A bit happy-endingy...
NELS 080
Another "can't put down" read.
AUCK 399
We all enjoyed this book.
PAUA 002
A fabulous easy read that we all enjoyed.
We thought the book was well-written, but almost 'Mills & Boon'. But there were some moral dilemmas to discuss and we talked through our opinions on all questions. We were disappointed Chip's story wasn't more in depth, and the ending was 'Hollywood'. The sister was the favourite, and we also liked Ian.
TAUR 060
An easy read that we all enjoyed, however on further discussion we concluded that the story lacked depth and certain issues were glossed over. It led to some discussion on the merits of the shortfalls of various countries' health systems as well as carer/patient relationships.
NELS 072
The group enjoyed reading about the physical and emotional aspects of the accident aftermath. A well balanced ending.
We really enjoyed this book and the secondary plot - the parents! We have a physio within our group, so good korero on professional practice.
We all really enjoyed this book! Even though it's fiction we all agreed that the characters are so vividly portrayed that we felt the book seemed like non-fiction. A real page-turner, and we would highly recommend this novel to other groups. Now all keen to read more from Katherine Center.
MAST 014
Everyone in the group enjoyed the story. A very realistic story about a girl with a spinal injury. It showed personal weaknesses and strengths with lovely humour mixed in. It was interesting to see how differently people deal with tragedy. We all loved the main character Margaret, and her positivity in accepting she wouldn't walk again, but managed to turn her life around. The pieces of music were put together to make something new.
Mixed reactions to this book. Generally considered a good easy read, dealing with a big subject. Sometimes the writing seemed too lightweight, but the descriptive passages about Maggie's emotions in dealing with her injuries were very insightful.
NEWP 014
An easy 'summer' read. Not too much to talk about, as once questions started we picked apart the plot!
NELS 061
Lovely easy read.