I Let You Go

Mackintosh, Clare

  25 Reviews

The only way Jenna Gray believes she can survive the nightmare of her life after the death of a child in a hit and run incident is to just walk away from everything. She finds sanctuary on the Welsh coast, but even that isolation is not sufficient to elude the long arm of the law and worse.

Narrated from multiple viewpoints, this is a clever, insightful psychological thriller with authentic detail from its former police investigator author and the unexpected to keep you on your toes.



The group enjoyed this easy-to-read novel. Some found the descriptions of domestic abuse hard to read but thought them unfortunately very believable. The writer enjoys playing tricks on the reader (like withholding information) which most members of the group found added to their enjoyment of the book.
A real page turner. Beautifully written, keeps you reading through the night! Excellent twists, a gripping read.
We all enjoyed this book. In fact some of our husbands read it too. We thought it was an insightful look at domestic abuse and we enjoyed the pace and structure of the novel.
Enjoyed by the group. Felt the way the author had written each character made it easy to follow each character. She also wrote the characters in a way that you were assuming who they were. Some found the subject matter a difficult read but appreciated the twists and turns. The second half saved the book. Would recommend to readers who like thrillers.
A couple of members thought they werent going to get into the book at the start, but like all others they ended up enjoying all the twists and turns. Overall we thought it was very well written . Good discussion!
Group enjoyed the book, felt it was an appropriate and easy read for summer.
ROTO 013
We loved it! So well-written, keeps you thinking right to the end.
CHCH 240
Everyone in our group just loved this book. So well written, the author called on her own experiences in policing crime to develop the plot: a plot full of twists. Captivating, emotionally revealing, some even described the violence as disturbing, but very realistic of scenarios happening today. Brilliant and well recommended!
Most found this book an easy and light read, some said it took a bit to get into but worth continuing.
NELS 064
Received well by all members of the group. A good story and easy reading. Some members have gone on to read other books by the same author and feel that each book gets better and better.
TAUR 035
The majority of our group thought this a very good book and thoroughly gripping. Two didn't like the subject matter. The rest thought it well written and the characters believable, even the nasty ones. The twists and turns were cleverly handled and kept you guessing. Only a few instances of needing to suspend belief and in our Zoom discussion others had valid explanations for another's query. Overall the majority gave high scores out of 10 and will look out for more by this author.
A mixed reaction from our group, some felt the plot was contrived in places. However it resulted in a great discussion about personality traits and the effects of genetics vs environment.
ASHB 016
We all enjoyed this book - well written, easy to read and a great story. The abuse was confronting but well written. We all could feel the beach, the isolation and the sea. We loved Patrick. Why did she go back to the cottage after the court case Loved the twist, just the way it was written. Pleased that she found the strength in the end to be strong and not so frightened. Great story - we all enjoyed it right to the end. Is he dead
NAP 021
We had 2 members who finished reading it but found it contrived. The rest of us thoroughly enjoyed the writing and enjoyed reading it, in spite of some of the harrowing descriptions of abuse. This prompted a lengthy discussion on abuse by men on women, and children. Made us think! We will look for more of the author's books.
AUCK 316
The majority of members (7/9) enjoyed it. 2/9 thought it was poorly written!
A challenging read due to subjects covered, but captivating and a very well-written and well developed story. Uncomfortably 'real', yet sensitive. We felt the author had amazing insight and the ability to convey it. A story about grief, guilt, shame, manipulation, abuse and healing. We highly recommend it!
CHCH 378
Wow, we loved this book. You thought you knew what was going to happen, but who saw that coming More books like this please.
TAUR 016
Our group found this book an extraordinary read. "Compelling" was the word most often used in our discussion, even by the member who liked it least, and she couldn't resist the urge to read on. We all agreed that the author manipulated her readers with the utmost skill in the telling of this harrowing tale. The use of three storylines was most effective, each with its different viewpoint, voice and tense. Alternating the narrative with these, and cleverly using misleads, the author crafted a tense, suspenseful, heartrending story...
AUCK 055
A well constructed well-written book which the majority 'enjoyed.' The explicit language in the abusive scenes was disturbing to some members.
CHCH 292
The group was divided; 2 didn't like it at all, while the remainder of the group found the story engaging, and the writing fast paced and very readable. Quite polarising, with members either really loving or hating it! Comments included, 'Wonderfully crafted book", "really enjoyed it and have ordered the next two from the library" to "I really hated it, but I did finish it" and " it felt too contrived."
TAUR 036
Wow wow wow!! Everyone without exception enjoyed this book, with 2 people reading it till 2 or 3 am!!
AUCK 006
What a fantastic book. It kept us enthralled from cover to cover. The twist in the middle pulled us all up but made us all want to continue reading. Overall it was a fairly quick read but that was not a detrimental thing. The subject of abuse and the on-flow effects really got us talking. We would also like to praise the notes. The interview with the author gave us some insight into her thought processes and really rounded out the characters for us. We would recommend this book to all groups.
A different type of book for us, which we agreed was gripping, suspenseful, well-contrived - and horrible! Leading to interesting discussion on domestic violence, police work, teenage schoolboys and more....Good notes, thanks.
All the members found the book an excellent read. They enjoyed the way the book was written, the twists and turns of the plot and the misleading clues. Everyone keen to read the author's next book.
OMAR 001
We enjoyed the book. It prompted some really good discussion around domestic violence in NZ society.