Jane Eyre

Bronte, Charlotte

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The story of an orphan brought up in an institution. She becomes a governess and falls in love with her pupil's father. Classic. [Big read}

Comments from Groups

We thoroughly enjoyed this, contrary to most expectations, after reading it so long ago at school. Palmerston North 001

Surprisingly, most of us finished the book ( a lot of reading in it), and really enjoyed Bronte's use of language. Still a great story-line! Palmerston North 006

We all enjoyed the book and had a great discussion over the many themes it explored. Hamilton 035

One member thought Jane Eyre was just a little better than Mills and Boon! However the majority enjoyed it - Rochester was pure fantasy, but Jane Eyre comes through as an indomitable spirit against the world! Upper Hutt 001

A surprising number had never read Jane Eyre before. The book was enjoyable even on the fourth read, with different insights in our 40s than in our teens. Palmerston North

Everyone enjoyed and was impressed with, the talent of Charlotte Bronte for creating Jane Eyre. The situation of people living in Victorian times brought vividly to life.....morals, geographical aspects, suspense, surprises, mystery , but most of all, ROMANCE! There were coincidences that stretched belief quite a lot, however in life coincidences do happen. Jane Eyre deserves to survive and prosper as a great classic. Motueka 001



We all found the small print very difficult to read. For most it had been a compulsory read at secondary school so began reluctantly but were surprised how much we enjoyed it. The description of the boarding school and bleak countryside left a lasting impression. We found the language beautiful and impossible to skim. We reflected on the simplicity and artlessness of todays language. We also commented on Brontes courage at challenging the church and guessed that was one of the reasons the book caused outrage in 1848.