Jeeves and the Wedding Bells

Faulks, Sebastian

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I say, Bertie Wooster contemplating matrimony? Surely not! Bertie and his valet Jeeves are once again embroiled in well-meaning meddling to help their friends. This time round however, the two bachelors are required to swap their traditional roles of master and servant with ensuing hilarity. In this brilliant homage to P.G. Wodehouse, his eccentric and much-loved characters grace the pages again in a riot of deception and chaotic misunderstandings.

With its wry observations of the early 20th Century British class system and its clever use of language, this entertaining and light-hearted story will appeal to both Wooster and Jeeves fans and newcomers alike. [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

We chose the book, and although it is not the type of book any of us normally read, we loved it. We enjoyed the language, the characters, the situations and the humour. We thought that Sebastian Faulks had really captured Wodehouse. Auckland 116

Not many people in our group finished this book - some thought it a waste of time. However, we concluded that it made us want to reread the original PG Wodehouse - which we enjoyed immensely. Piopio 001

Everyone in the book club enjoyed the book. We enjoyed the language and the Wodehouse characters, and they felt that Sebastain Faulks's homage to P.G. Wodehouse was successful. Wellington 123

Many found the book tedious and couldn't get into it, but others found it amusing with quite a few chuckles, and read it with a smile. They enjoyed it for what it was. A very clever adaptation of Wodehouse. We believe it would make a wonderful stage play. Christchurch 240

Much enjoyed by nearly all our group. Such an amazing author to be able to change direction to a book of such humour and quirkiness. Such a change from our usual books, and so very enjoyable. Two people found it hard to get into the humour. Auckland 208

This book was greatly enjoyed by two of our group, with the remainder bieng rather less enamoured. Amusing, rather than laugh out loud funny. We wonder if a note should be included in the catalogue that groups should have read the original versions before reading Faulk's version. Dunedin 007



AUCK 071
Perhaps one needs to be British to appreciate the humour of these books! Sadly, our group did not enjoy the book as much as we had hoped. However it made a good discussion project, and one or two members thought they might try another Wodehouse sometime.
CHCH 299
Most enjoyed this light-hearted book and felt Faulks did a wonderful job of capturing Wodehouse's style and humour. Several were a bit bored by the end as it was too light and fluffy, and one didn't read it.
NELS 043
Our group was split between those who enjoyed it and finished it, and those who gave up on it because there was no substance. We all agreed that Faulks did a great job writing in the Wodehouse tradition. Those who liked the book enjoyed the language, lightness and humour.
Some loved it - sweet and light and good fun. Some were bored and didn't get it at all.
The book was rated quite highly on the way Faulks adapted the writing style and language of Wodehouse. But not so highly on the 'plot', which did not have the 'sunny-ness' of the original Wodehouses. It did engender a lively discussion.
TAUM 003
Group split down the middle by this book - some found it immensely irritating while the rest loved the humour.
TURA 002
The majority of the book club thoroughly enjoyed this light-hearted read. None of us had read the originals, but most of us had seen the BBC adaptations with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, and it seemed very similar in style to these. We all felt the questions missed the mark somewhat, seeming to try and make this book deeper than it is meant to be. Enjoyable read.
AUCK 166
One avid reader said it was the best book he's read in a very long time! Half of the group loved it - the other half preferred the originals and couldn't get into this one.
We all found this a fun and entertaining read.
AUCK 236
Some of us loved this and some of us really didn't!
Most who read this found it an easy light-hearted book.
Most enjoyed it, though some felt it went on too long.
What a mixed reaction. Some loved it while others were not fussed with even finishing it. It seemed dependent on whether PG Wodehouse was liked. One thing all agreed on was Sebastian Faulks did an excellent job of writing in the Wodehouse era and style. Much discussion was forthcoming.....