Kite Runner, The

Hosseini, Khaled

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Narrated by Amir, a forty-year-old novelist living in California. He tells the story of a boyhood friendship destroyed by jealousy, fear and ruthless evil that transcends politics. Running parallel to this personal narrative of loss and redemption, is the story of modern Afghanistan and of Amir's relationship with the war-torn city of his birth.

Comments from Groups

Quite a harrowing story; the main character is not really likeable as very self-centred, but he does redeem himself at the end. Auckland 273

[The group] found it raw, well written, emotional and thought-provoking. Nelson 050

This is a brilliant, well-written, page-turning book - a revelation. Christchurch 265

A cracker of a book...lucid and so easy to read. The story line never a graphic snapshot of living conditions in Afghanistan at that time. Tauranga 005

Everyone liked this book, although some more than others...there was a lot to discuss and it was quite lively with everyone contributing to the discussion. Nelson 041

Enjoyed by everyone. Read like a biography. Whangarei 017

"...very current and historical. What a long sad history the country has. All enjoyed a good read with a believable ending." Wairoa 001

Well written, albeit a rather harrowing read. It drip feeds interesting details about pre and post 1980 Afghanistan, but also explores universal themes (racial and social inequality, the futility of war, father-son relationships, sibling rivalry and atonement). Good discussion questions. Warmly recommended. Palmerston North 025

Most members found this a very powerful book, but a couple just couldn't read it. We couldn't say we enjoyed the book, but it did highlight the huge difficulties facing much of the population in Afghanistan, and in many other countries too, of course. It is hard to see how some problems will ever be resolved. Waiau 002

We all enjoyed the book although some found it a tad systematic. We were affected by the graphic details of violence, but found the historical information interesting. Wellington 016

The book was a favourite - everyone enjoyed it. We had a good meaty discussion on first the book, then the politics. Wairoa 002

We won't forget this book in a hurry. We wonder if it will end up being taught in secondary school English classes. Tapanui 002

Beautifully written - reading it was a delight, although uncomfortable at times. In my first read through, I skipped the "scary" bits until I was assured of a positive ending. Others found the notes with the background history to be interesting and educational. A couple of members didn't like where the story was going and didn't complete it. Auckland 314

The book made us thankful we live in a country not corrupt or torn apart like Afghanistan. Innocent victims like Hassan are always the hardest to forget....Te Horo 001

A number of members who had already read this book could not read it a second time, because some content upset them. Others read it and enjoyed it even more with the second reading. Palmerston North 004

Our previous book to this one was "I Is For Infidel". To have this title straight after it was wonderful. The country and situation there had already been explained to us, so we had a much better understanding of the problems. Everybody loved it. Taupo 003



CHCH 393
This was the second time many had read the book but still it was a popular 'read again' book. An interesting narrative that draws you in. Still the images are relevant today with comparisons to the Syrian conflict.
We all enjoyed this book. The main character, the narrator, was very sympathetic. Background was of interest, especially with Afghanistan being so much in the news. We also found the experience of immigrants interesting.
Fantastic book. Best book some members have ever read!
ROTO 013
A sad but moving read. Well-written and keeps you hooked.
Most enjoyed this book - particularly the setting of Afghanistan. Our group had a big discussion on personalities, and even though we felt Amir had personality 'faults', we were invested in him and felt he grew and changed by the end of the story.
TAUP 012
This book was enjoyed by all the group.
Our group really enjoyed this book, although difficult content in places.