Lacuna, The

Kingsolver, Barbara

  8 Reviews

An archivist reveals the story of a fictional character, Harrison Shepherd, the son of an American father and a Mexican mother, growing up in both countries, and whose life becomes entwined with Diego Rivera, his wife Frida Kahlo and their exiled friend Lev Trotsky. Against the backdrop of the momentous political events of the 1930s to the rise of McCarthyism in the 1950s, American society's confusion of paranoia and conformity is played out through Shepherd's experiences. Combining intensive research, wry humour and perceptive observations, Kingsolver provides an absorbing view of this era and a reflection on the power of words. [Big read, larger font]

Comments from Groups

Most if not all found the book hard to get into but if they persevered it was well worth it.The history and information in the book - first class, which inspired a number of readers to look at other books to find out more. Martinborough 001

Excellent discussion, well written, the books 700 pages too much for some of our members to read. Stimulating viewpoint on history in America. Nelson 023

Those that read it found it compelling and fascinating - stunning visuals, fascinating history. A book of love, hope and humour - very rich characters. Thought provoking. Papamoa 001

Our group generally found this a wonderful artistic creation. Christchurch 024

Several people absolutely loved this book - it was interesting discussing this book the day following the U.S. elections as it describles U.S. patriotism and the McCartney era. Whangarei 003



CHCH 011
No-one finished this as was very long, but those who enjoyed it wanted to read it at a later date, as a member had a copy of it . Some found it very irritating and gave up!
AUCK 027
Great, once you got into it.
AUCK 272
One person couldn't get into it and didn't finish it. Everybody else persevered and enjoyed it by the end. While it was difficult to get into at the beginning, and was rather a long book, it was well worth the effort. The discussion was very good and prolonged. Very cleverly written with a twist at the end. Great historical information in an interesting presentation.
2 of our group got into this book immediately and loved it. Most of us found the book difficult initially, and it took a while to become engaged with the characters and their story. 'The Lacuna' is an epic story and provided us with insight into the conditions in both Mexico and the U.S. during the early to mid 20th century.
RICH 010
Some loved this, some couldn't get into it. We did enjoy the historical aspects as well as the narrator's character.
AUCK 343
We struggled with this book as a group - only a few finished it. Several were disappointed by comparisons with 'The Poisonwood Bible', and others felt that the book didn't seem to "go anywhere".
TAUP 003
A very intelligently written book. Kept us guessing - "Will he... or "Is he..." Another masterpiece by Kingsolver. A good solid book to keep your brain working.
CHCH 009
Dense, detailed writing - considerable research involved. Enlightening. Some struggled with the length. Others really enjoyed all of it.