Lager Queen of Minnesota, The

Stradal, J Ryan

  2 Reviews

Two estranged sisters, one granddaughter and the lure of brewing beer ... when Helen inherits the family farm, she has the wherewithal to take on the brewing industry while Edith, her sister, must make her own way in the world. Decades later when it seems Dianne, Edith's granddaughter also has beer flowing through her veins, destiny is at play, and maybe, just maybe it is time for Helen and Edith to let bygones be bygones.

Warm and engaging, this quirky story of the American Midwest offers an intoxicating mix of ambition and family dynamics playing out against the evolving US beer culture. Note: prior experience of beer drinking or brewing, not a prerequisite for enjoying this story.



AUCK 210
An easy read. Interesting beer history in the USA. Members found it hard to believe that the grandmothers could suddenly brew beer in such a short space of time, but overall an enjoyable read.
A thoroughly satisfying read. All 12 people agreed. A few moral dilemmas!!