Last Days of Night, The

Moore, Graham

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Fresh out of law school, Paul Cravath is ready for whatever legal challenge comes his way, and when he is hired to defend George Westinghouse from a billion dollar lawsuit posed by rival inventor Thomas Edison, the battle is on. In the epic clash that came to be known as the 'War of the Currents', direct and alternating current are pitted against one another for the prize of electrifying America.

Featuring the triumvirate of Edison, Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla and other larger-than-life characters, this historically based story from the 1890s is an exciting and dramatic foray into the early days of a technology that changed the world.



One of the men in our group chose this book, and when it was distributed there were a few disapproving expressions. However without exception everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Several women said, that although they were reluctant to start, they just couldn't put it down once they started reading. It was well-written and very interesting. We all knew of Edison and Westinghouse but learnt so much more, and found out about Tesla. A very well received book.
CHCH 058
Our group struggled a bit with this book. Some found the small print trying, and some thought the subject matter more suited to non-fiction than a novel. We felt the title was very clever and we all learned something about the personalities of Edison, Westinghouse and Tesla ( although none were very appealing). The writing was, on the whole clear, though one member found many sentences too long and convoluted. The final section, where Moore explained the facts behind his narrative, and where he had to invent material, was very useful.
We learnt a lot about electricity, history, and how corporate business in America is run!
Got interesting after a slow start, most members loved the book! Learned heaps.
TAUR 004
Highly recommend.