Lies I Tell, The

Clark, Julie

  2 Reviews

Think of her as a modern-day Robin Hood: con artist Meg Williams is out to steal from men who have defrauded women, redistributing their ill-gotten gains. Investigative journalist Kat Roberts has had Meg in her sights and she has been waiting a long time to unmask her, but in the cat and mouse game that ensues, everyone is in for a surprise.

With its two terrific main characters, this is a riveting roller coaster of a ride that will have you pondering, do the ends justify the means?

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Very readable. I never stopped reading for two days!"

"After reading this book, it was so good I went out and bought her other book."

"A good thriller for a book group. Wonder how men will react?"

"Remarkably non-violent considering there is a rape victim."

"The book builds the tension beautifully."

"It's nice to have a ruthless female meticulously and non-violently taking down the bad guys!"

"Because the narrative switched between Kat and Meg, we got two well-developed characters."



CHCH 555
A quick and enjoyable easy read. A bit tough on men... We liked the way the relationships developed between Kat and Meg.
An enjoyable, easy read.