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Believer, The
Krasnostein, Sarah
To the Sea
Crutchley, Nikki
Mirror Book, The
Grimshaw, Charlotte
Bregman, Rutger
When We Were Vikings
Andrew David MacDonald
My Dark Vanessa
Russell, Kate Elizabeth
How to be a Dictator
Dikotter, Frank
Choice, The
Eger, Edith
Billy Bird
Neale, Emma
Widow, The
Barton, Fiona
Gustav Sonata, The
Tremain, Rose
Golden Boys
Hartnett, Sonya
Ballroom, The
Hope, Anna
Pretty Baby
Kubica, Mary
How To Fly A Horse
Ashton, Kevin
Higashino, Keigo
Madness Made Me
O'Hagan, Mary
I Am Pilgrim
Hayes, Terry
MacIntyre, Ben
Lies I Tell, The
Clark, Julie