Life Drawing

Black, Robin

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Augusta and Owen achieve what many people aspire to: getting away from it all. Their retreat to the countryside near Philadelphia is supposed to allow them to focus on their art (Gus a painter, Owen a writer) and their long-standing marriage. Good in theory but with a catalyst in the form of a friendly new neighbour, and the 'baggage' that has come with them from their past life, their work is cut out for them.

This riveting story presents a fascinating portrait of marriage, of love and betrayal and the complex emotional landscape of long-term intimacy. [small font]

Comments from Groups

Yes, we really liked this book. Whangarei 022

We all enjoyed the book and we had an in-depth discussion about it at our meeting. We thought the book was well written, and while all the characters were flawed in some way, it made a great subject for discussion! Auckland 352

We all really enjoyed this book - a first novel for the author. The intertwined themes and deep reflections of the character Gus, made this book a satisfying and engaging read. It evoked a lively discussion aboiut relationships, grief, death and 'getting on with life'. Wellington 130

Mixed comments from the group ranging from "disturbing', "loved it", "hated it'. Most agreed that it was multi layered and thought-provoking, but no one was interested in reading any more by this author. Thames 005

We had a great discussion on whether or not to 'tell' about affairs. What do you tell friends? Who would they tell?! Gus and Alison were the best two characters - we weren't so keen on Owen. Rawene 001

The book had many different characters, and also many different layers which led to an interesting discussion.Everybody enjoyed the book. Invercargill 017



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