Lifeboat, The

Rogan, Charlotte

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When the Empress Alexandra sinks on a transatlantic voyage in 1914, Grace Winter's newly privileged life looks like it is over before it has really begun. Only recently married and now most certainly widowed, she must survive being in an overcrowded lifeboat where each of the 39 survivors will struggle with the daunting question: What are you prepared to do in order to survive?

A fast moving suspenseful story that throws up ethical dilemmas that one hopes one never has to face. [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

A compelling read, and what a moral dilemma! Being in a lifeboat certainly brought out the best and the worst in the characters. The more we knew, the less we knew. Many commented on the fact that there was a lot unanswered, but we decided that was ok, and we all had different ideas about the characters' stories. Auckland 293

Well written, but the first person point of view left a lot of unanswered questions and loose ends in the plot. We had a lively discussion as to possible outcomes that weren't explained. Great characterisation - everyone discussed characters they loved, or hated. Papamoa 001

We felt somewhat disappointed in this book - it seemed to have great promise but didn't really deliver. It seemed the author rushed to finish it, and left too much unanswered. Having said that, we had a very interesting discussion around the questions. Renwick 001

Most people enjoyed the book. There was a lively discussion about whether the main character was devious, or to be taken at face value. Diamond Harbour 002

A book posing many questions - but no answers. A book we will remember as no one knows how they would react in this situation. Auckland 055

The characters were very well drawn, and the setting well created. It wasn't hard to try and imagine we were in the lifeboat, but we could not imagine their suffering. The author raises a lot of questions about moral dilemma. One can have principles, but what would happen to them when your life is in danger, and your body and brain are starved? Auckland 055



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