Long Long Way, A

Barry, Sebastian

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The story of Willie Dunne, a young man who leaves his native Dublin in 1914 to join the Allies on the Western Front. Caught between the catastrophic violence he encounters there and the growing political tension at home over Irish independence, Willie finds himself confronting unbearable choices regarding family, patriotism, and the devotion he feels towards his regiment.

Comments from Groups

This was a book everyone liked. Several people said it was so intense, they found they couldn't read it in the evening, just before going to sleep. Wellington 001

We loved this book - very fine writing, exrtremely moving, great characterisation. Discussion moved freely - covering aspects of 'The Irish troubles', 1st world war and the interest seemingly revived in this atrocious war. Greytown 001

Not many finished it. Bit too depressing. Very graphic. Well written, good characters, informative. Christchurch 238

This book was enjoyed by most of our group - a very good insight into WW1. Our discussion went well. Tekapo 001

We all thought the book was brilliantly written, almost poetic in parts, yet bringing to life terrible, harrowing events. The characters so beautifully drawn, and especially the ending, moved us to tears at times. Hamilton 019



CHCH 299
Most found the subject matter of this book and the vivid descriptions of life in the trenches harrowing, but all were impressed by the author's evocative and poetic writing style. One member couldn't read it because it was too disturbing, another said any leader planning to send young men off to battle should be forced to read it. An excellent discussion book.