Morrison, Toni

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Many women are obsessed with Bill Cosey, owner of the Cosey Hotel and Resort on the US East Coast. More than just being the owner, he shapes their yearnings for a father, husband, lover, guardian and friend. Even after his death, he dominates their lives. [Small font]

Comments from Groups

Everyone LOVED this! It needed careful reading for 'clues' as to who was who, and what actually happened. Auckland 172

Beautifully written with a complex weave of characters. Very thought provoking. Motueka 001

We found this a 'difficult at first' book, but most went on to appreciate it - if not understand, all its complexities. We heartily recommend that members take the time to read it twice. Christchurch 005

There were mixed comments about the book. Most liked it, and found the ideas interesting and thought provoking. A few couldn't help comparing it to 'Beloved', which they thought a superior book. ALL loved her writing - the richness of her vocabulary and her fresh phrases. Masterton 003

We thought this was a good read; it told of hardship, and different kinds of 'love' (right or wrong) during the civil rights movement. Enjoyed by all. Auckland 183

We all found 'Love' not an easy read, but after a good and lively discussion, all went home with a better understanding of the book. There were some lovely passages which were beautifully written. Gisborne 002



Some divided opinions. Not enjoyed at all by some, while others thought the language was special but weren't that impressed with the story.
WELL 006
Too many characters with far too complicated relationships - 2 members had to draw up an identity list, which was much appreciated!
Most of us gave the book an average score, but it did provoke some good discussion.
WELL 057
'Love' provoked a lot of questions about plot and character. One of our members absolutely loved it, but she was able to read it more or less in one sitting and so was able to get into the flow of the book, which other readers were unable to do.
Some didn't complete it, but others thought it extraordinary. All thought it extremely well written.
CHCH 086
Beautifully written but with tragic characters. Good discussion points.