Map of Love, The

Soueif, Ahdaf

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A century after one of her forebears married into an Egyptian family, Isabel Parkman returns to Egypt, after falling in love with an Egyptian in New York. A story-within-a-story that explores interracial love, British colonial history, and the effects of imperialism in a third-world country. Shortlisted Booker Prize, 1999. [Big read}

Comments from Groups

This provoked a lively discussion, and the general consensus was that it was a rare book. Beautiful writing, and a great insight into the history of the time. Feilding 001

All of us enjoyed this book, although some found it hard to get into. We were all sorry when it came to an end, and wished she had made it into a trilogy, as it contained a mass of material, all of it interesting. It was an injustice to describe it as a 'desert romance'!! The political content was most interesting, and good to read from a point of view other than that of the British Empire. Beautiful use of the English language - poetic and almost lyrical. Thank you for this book, and do you have more by the same author? Would love to read more of her work. Whitby 002

We loved this book - some found the transition from present to past difficult. Loved the history content - an enriching read. Havelock North 015

This provoked much discussion about 'take-overs' of countries by others, and the difference between English and NZ history curriculums 50 plus years ago! Wellington 005

Overall we were disappointed by this book. The premise was interesting, however the writing style made it difficult to really connect with the characters. The 19th century story was more popular than the modern story. Wellington 165

This was a very interesting and worthwhile book. It made us very interested in Egypt, getting out old Geographics and maps. Not an easy read, more of a study, but rewarding in the end. Good depth of subject for a sequel. Wairoa 001



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