Measure, The

Erlick, Nikki

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Out of the blue, the age-old question, 'how long is a piece of string?', suddenly matters to every adult on the planet. Arriving on every doorstep of anyone 22 or older is a small box containing a length of string and engraved with the words, 'The measure of your life lies within'. These mysterious revelations grip the world affecting every facet of life from the mundane to those wielding power. What does it mean to know how your days are numbered, or those of the people you love?

Thought-provoking and moving, this intriguing story follows seemingly unconnected characters as they grapple with their mortality and how to live their lives, regardless of their length.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"What a super idea for a book. An excellent one to discuss."

"I've been surprised how much the book has stayed with me. It's a thought-provoking book and I do recommend it."

"At first I thought it would be too confusing to follow eight characters, but you come to care for most of them and you know which one is which."

"Loved the fact that characters discovered that they had plenty to live for, no matter how long their life might be."

"The story has a strong emotional impact - optimistic despite everything."

"As each one copes with the knowledge of when their life is ending, you can't help but put yourself in their place. What would you do?"

"The focus on death could be depressing, but it isn't. It's a book that makes you appreciate the good people and good thing you have in your life."

"It meandered a little about half-way through, but things got moving again and again it became very interesting."



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