Memory of Running, The

McLarty, Ron

  8 Reviews

Smithson ("Smithy") Ide is an overweight, friendless, chain-smoking, and hard-drinking forty-three-year-old. His life becomes completely unhinged when he loses his parents and long-lost sister within a week. To escape his grief, drunk and wearing a suit, and with no money, he gets on his bike and begins to pedal west. Along the way, he flashes back to his past and the hardships of his beloved sister's schizophrenia, while his dejection encourages strangers to share their life stories with him. [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

We all enjoyed the book -found it thought-provoking in its depiction of family and adjustment to stress...touching in its theme of redemption/destruction through love. Wellington 025

A most enjoyable, easy book to read. Most in our group loved it. Napier 011

...simple writing, big story, wonderful characters. Nelson 014

Those that finished the book liked the way that the 'hero' was transformed, both physically and mentally by his trip. Palmerston Nth 013

We all enjoyed this book a lot. It covered some pretty serious issues, but managed to maintain humour and was easy to read. Would recommend to others. Wellington 188

We all loved this. A very relaxing read about a journey. Beautifully written. Paihia 001

Differing opinions of this book - ranging from 'didn't capture my attention' to 'loved it'. Good descriptive writing and great diversity of characters were high points for most of us. Christchurch 239

One or two found it difficult to read - partly the 'graphic' content and partly the language. The consensus was that it was a good story, brutally honest and not particularly comforting. The 'hero' was not particularly attractive, but then at times was very loveable. Not an easy book on the whole, but a worthwhile read. Pahiatua 001

Everyone enjoyed the book, and everyone wanted more! A slow start but once into a chapter, we were hooked. Highly recommended! Hastings 007

A really great read. A group member that is a psychiatric nurse thought the portrayal of the sister and her condition was really authentic. Rangiora 005



NAP 032
This was a low scoring book from all of our members with one not finishing it. A disappointing read considering the build up and Stephen King's input. It was bland and the main character, Smithy, was hard to like. Parts of the story were quite unbelievable and we thought the sister Bethany should have been described in more depth. Would not recommend this book.
CHCH 113
Everyone really enjoyed this quirky book once they got into it.
2 didn't finish reading past the first 1/3 of the book. Those who kept going found they got to like the main characters. Not a lot of conversation generated by this book.
Absolutely fantastic.
We all absolutely loved this book and the character of Smithy.
This was a great book and we all loved it.
WELL 185
We loved it. Voted the best book of the year so far.
NEWP 014
Very popular read - engaging and interesting premise with lots to talk about.