Metal Heart, The

Lea, Caroline

  5 Reviews

When devoted sisters Dorothy and Constance Reid withdraw to the small island of Selkie Holm, the last thing they are expecting is the arrival of five hundred Italian prisoners of war who have been sent to Orkney to bolster the islands' defences. One POW in particular - Cesare - will have a powerful effect on the relationship between these identical twins who have always looked out for each other, especially since Con's traumatic experiences at the hands of a local man.

Captivating and heart-wrenching, with its beautiful descriptions of the Orcadian landscape, this is an unexpected story of WWII, inspired by real events and revealing the beauty and hope that is still possible in the worst of circumstances. [Larger font]



WELL 079
Although the setting (the church built by the Italian prisoners) and the history were of interest, the story descended to 'Mills & Boon' romance. We are all too cynical for this!
TAUR 004
Everyone enjoyed the book and the history of Orkney. Most thought the ending a bit 'Mills & Boon', but some enjoyed the happy ending. A good twist at the end. We enjoyed the descriptive prose - felt like you were there.
TAUR 043
Enjoyed by many in the group. Liked the mix of fiction with facts from history eg. the Italian chapel, causeways etc. Great ending.
All group members read this, and found characters rather difficult to connect with. We loved the descriptions of the island, and enjoyed the chapel building - leading us to look up the actual history. Discussion mostly centred around history in this part of the world.
CHCH 125
Very interesting - weaving history into the relatable story of the lives of the people who lived through those times.