Mouth to Mouth

Wilson, Antoine

  9 Reviews

Could it just be a tall tale, or did Jeff Cook really save art dealer Francis Arsenault's life? Jeff is keen to offload his story to an unnamed narrator, and it's a doozy. Jeff's connection to Francis starts when he saves him from drowning, but that's just the beginning. Keeping his good deed to himself, he becomes more than just curious about Francis, worming his way into his life, marrying his daughter, and wondering just what he did in saving the man ...

Deliciously disquieting, this short, sharp morality tale peels back the covers of the art world, raising questions about fate and destiny and just who is manipulating whom.



CHCH 518
Enjoyed by most members.
CHCH 481
This book divided the book club. Ratings from 0-4. We would love to know what a male book group thinks of it.
A rather implausible story but we did enjoy it.
RICH 010
Our group enjoyed this book - we loved the small chapters with endings which built the suspense gently. We could not really empathise with either Jeff or Francis because of the way they both behaved and the drowning episode is so alien to us, but, suspending our disbelief, we enjoyed the story within a story format and the title. We all liked the twist at the end but agreed we were only hearing Jeff's side of the story, and we are not sure how much we could trust his perception of events.
Started off very slowly but then picked up momentum and suspense, with a real twist at the end. We wondered why he'd ever saved him in the first place!! It was a captivating story that slowly simmered away. You have to admire Antoine Wilson for writing this edgy and powerful story. A real eye opener as to the many ways that humans deceive each other ( and themselves!) This provided a real look at what drives us and how we weigh our own decisions and dilemmas.
TAUR 016
All found the book intriguing but not a satisfying read. An interesting technique but the final page/twist leads to questioning the whole premise of the book. More questions than answers. Echoes of Othello, and Iago plotting his downfall.
WANG 006
Group enjoyed this easy, entertaining read - with the plot twist.
AUCK 355
Most enjoyed, some found it a little slow. Easy read.
AUCK 280
Our Group loved this very clever concise book. We found it a real page turner - suspenseful and thrilling. It left us with a lot to think about.