Mouth to Mouth

Wilson, Antoine

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A struggling author is stuck at the airport, his flight endlessly delayed. As he stares at the departure board and browses the shops, he bumps into a former classmate of his, Jeff, who is waiting for the same flight. The charismatic Jeff invites the narrator to drinks in the First Class lounge, and there, swearing him to secrecy, begins telling him the fascinating and disturbing story of his life, starting with a pivotal incident from his youth.

Alone on the beach, he noticed a man drowning in the rough surf, his fate resting in Jeff's hands. Overwhelmed but ultimately determined to help, Jeff rescued and resuscitated the unconscious man. Unexpectedly traumatized by the event, Jeff develops a fixation on the man he saved, sure that they are now inextricably linked. Upon discovering that the man, Francis, is a renowned art dealer, Jeff finds a job at his gallery in hopes of connecting with Francis and processing the event. Even though Francis seems to have no recollection of the incident, he takes Jeff under his wing, and Jeff becomes increasingly involved in Francis's life, dating his daughter and attending important art world parties.

As the two grow closer, Jeff notices some of Francis's more unsavoury characteristics - his tendency to cheat artists and carry on affairs - but, convinced that their encounter on the beach is fated, brushes his concerns aside and continues to pursue a deeper connection with Francis, even as the nature of their relationship grows darker... [Taken from book blurb, Atlantic Books]

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Easy to read as the story Jeff told was so original and so interesting. The content is excellent."

"The ending is brilliant."

"Seeing into a wealthy art dealer's world was excellent."

"The continuing element of mystery is well-maintained throughout the book."

"The plot is sufficiently credible and concisely moved-along to make the book easy to read and hard to put down."

"The ending is perfect for this story."

"Great writing style. Captures you into a 'would I have behaved differently' mode."

"Great ending."

"The story makes you question the characters in the book, and yourself."

"The story has a definite psychological flavour rather than a rip-roaring yarn of adventure, so it may not please all."



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