Jordan, Hillary

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The McAllan and Jackson families inhabit the same patch of southern soil, a cotton farm in the Mississippi Delta. White landowners and black share croppers are run of the mill but not so the friendship between Jamie McAllan and Ronsel Jackson returning home from World War Two.

Narrated by the six main characters, this story is a page turner reminding us of what happens when prejudice and bigotry have their way. [Larger font]

Winner of the 2006 Bellwether Prize for Fiction.

Comments from Groups

An excellent book, enjoyed by all. A great fictional social history, and an educational read for NZers. Coromandel 003

We had total agreement on this book!! Everyone found it a well written book, simple but with a gripping storyline. Alexandra 003

Not a period of history to be proud of but a good read. Geraldine 002

We all loved the book and the questions. Thank you, it gave us a good base for a hearty discussion. Coatsville 001

We all enjoyed this book. Jordan builds the tension slowly and meticulously, so that when the shocking denouement arrives, it is both inevitable and devastating. A compelling tale. Whirito 001

We all found the book a compelling read. Good discussion about the weight and influence of social norms, and how even good people struggle to throw off bad beliefs. Northland 002

'Mudbound' aroused mixed reactions from our group. Most found it a page-turner, easy to read and thought-provoking. But there was also a feeling that it is almost a formulaic picture of the American South. However, it is worth reading as a picture of a time and place. Hamilton 029

A good read and 'enjoyed' (perhaps not quite the right word) by all except one member! A real eye opener as to the plight of African American servicemen on their return, after having been in positions of responsibility and accepted as equals. Quite depressing in a lot of ways, and the title very apt! Masterton 008

We had an inspired discussion about being trapped, and how to make escape choices. All loved the different perspectives/voices, and the open-ended last chapter. Masterton 003

The general consensus was that 'Mudbound' is grim! That the characters were locked into situations over which they had little personal control. We had a really good discussion around the action within the text, the history and current state of race relations in the USA and in NZ, the role of women, the effects of war and family patterns. Very full discussion! Rotorua 002

Everyone enjoyed this book - although some of our members get irritated by books narrated by multiple parallel characters. Everyone found it well plotted though, and with a good sensibility for the post-war era. Believable characterisations too. Lower Hutt 002

A really good read. It scored a high 8/8.5 for most of our group. Easy reading and a gripping story. Gore 005



MAST 013
Not an "enjoyable" book but very readable. Such a sad story but a sign of the times. Lets hope that those "times" are long gone. Great writing and descriptions. We all loved it though not the content/subject!
TAUR 061
The title encapsulates not only the setting but also the lives we follow. Its a grim read. Despite this, Jordans narrative grabbed us as readers. Her characters felt authentic. We even felt empathy for Jamie when he chooses to end his bigoted fathers life. In fact, we celebrated his death. Highly recommended.
We all loved this book, particularly the way it was written in "six different voices". It flowed well too from one character to the other.
CHCH 299
A well-written book and a surprisingly quick read. The subject matter is grim and some found it extremely disturbing.
All members found it a "must get to the end" book. Some found the content very sad, almost too sad, but had to keep reading to find out the outcome.
A grim beginning with plenty of discussion about prejudice, but an enjoyable read.
THAM 007
Everyone found the book engaging and disturbing. So much to talk about. An excellent book - thanks.
WANG 002
A compelling read with well described characters, reflecting attitudes of the time and place.
All enjoyed the tension and the build-up. Great read.
This book was a horrifying read!! To think that this bigotry and hatred was still being experienced less than a hundred years could people be so cruel Well-written, with a message!
A powerful story and outstanding as a debut novel!
A popular book.
AUCK 404
A very interesting yet rather harrowing read.