Nest, The

Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix

  8 Reviews

The trust fund that Leonard Plumb establishes to provide a modest nest-egg for his New York based adult children looms large in their future plans, especially since good management and a buoyant stock market have rendered it a substantial sum. That is, until the oldest son Leo blots his copy book and is rescued by his mother's unilateral raid of the nest. The fallout for the remaining siblings is ... character building.

The question of whether Melody, Bea and Jack can move beyond their thwarted expectations is skilfully explored in this colourful and perceptive story of family dysfunction and ambition.

Both thought-provoking and easy to read.



Very enjoyable read. Plausible characters, some humorous incidents. Not so much a dysfunctional family - we thought quite normal!
WELL 183
We nearly all liked this book. A couple of people said too much was going on with too many stories, but overall we enjoyed it. Good discussion around what dysfunctional really meant. Was the family that different from many others!
NAP 024
Four started the book but didn't finish it, as found the characters unkind and mean. However the rest liked the book, but with some reservations.
Members found this book disappointing. Did not live up to the cover blurb. We did not feel empathetic with the main characters. However we had a good discussion on the effects of the expectation of wealth.
AUCK 404
An easy read, but most felt that it didn't really build very well, and was anti-climatic.
AUCK 134
Many of us saw parallels with normal family dynamics. Interesting read.
AUCK 247
Although some of our group did not enjoy reading the book, the discussion was very in depth and colourful. Lots of us were able to relate to the story, and knew of someone similar to some of the characters.
AUCK 137
Overall a positive response from our group. It stimulated some good discussion about families and family dynamics.