Now is Not the Time to Panic

Wilson, Kevin

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Frankie and Zeke, teenagers at a loose end, spend their summer in smalltown Tennessee, 'making art' and plastering copies of their anonymous poster around town, to shocking and chaotic effect. But when a New York art critic writing a story about the Coalfield Panic of 1996, tracks down one Frances Budge twenty years later, that anonymity is about to be a thing of the past...

Captivating and quirky, this is an intriguing story of oddballs and misfits, the spectacle of mass hysteria and the transformative power of art.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"This book was unique in every way - brilliant."

"This is a really good coming-of-age novel with two misfit teenagers."

"What a great original story."

"This book is captivating, witty, well-written and has credible characters."

"The book shows how people react when they are scared. I thought the two kids were terrific."

"I enjoyed the book. It has many elements: being different and surviving, the power of obsession, and the rise of conspiracy theory."



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