One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Solzhenitsyn, Alexander

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This old favourite in a new Penguin jacket shook Russia and the world when it first appeared. It provides a brutal and shattering glimpse of the fate of millions of Russians under Stalin. Reading this book, one enters a world of incarceration, brutality, manual labour, and freezing cold - and participates in the struggle of men to survive the terrible rigours of nature, and the inhumanity of the system that defines their conditions of life.

Comments from Groups

Despite the harsh subject matter, this book was well-received by our readers. Much of the discussion centred around issues of human dignity, and the ability to survive under extreme oppression. The historical context was significant. It was an excellent introduction to Solzhenitsyn and Russian history. Dunedin 029

No one could say they enjoyed it, but as a study of one side of Russia, all were 'educated'. Stratford 001

The group all really enjoyed this book, even though it was a very sad topic. Extremely well written with outstanding notes. Otautau 001

Most of the group enjoyed it, and the discussion went well. Wellington 141

A couple of people found this book really depressing, but the majority enjoyed it and liked the style of writing. You could see why it rocked the literary world when first published!! Christchurch 099



MAST 014
Overall our group enjoyed the book. We were in awe of how positive the character of Ivan was while enduring such harsh conditions. The psychology of survival was fascinating. Some parts were a little tedious but otherwise it was very informative.