Other Side of Beautiful, The

Lock, Kim

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When your house has burnt down, most people would agree it's a disaster, when you actually haven't been outside said house for two years, well ... it's possible the universe is giving you a message, Mercy Blain. After Mercy has established she is decidedly unwelcome at her almost ex-husband Eugene's place, then it is time for her to embrace a road trip.

Transportation is organised (a cult classic campervan), companionship guaranteed (Wasabi, her dachshund), and they are off into the wild blue yonder travelling from Adelaide to Darwin.

Exploring issues of mental health with empathy and insight, this poignant and engaging story of self-discovery and adventure in the Australian outback, is quirky, heartfelt and hopeful.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"An engaging and well-written book. It touches on many issues thoughtfully and with empathy."

"This is a really good read. I was sorry to finish it."

"I enjoyed this book very much. The author has a very nice touch."

"Insightful look at the effects of huge anxiety on what was a normal life."

"Mercy is well described and you can relate to her anxieties and thoughts. Recommended reading."

"The lead character is quirky and the more you get to know her, the more she gets under your skin."



Easy read - flowed well as the plot slowly unfolded. Led to good discussion about travel, mental illness, mothers, and relationships.