Vaughan, Sarah

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The crux of the matter: why has tabloid journalist Mike Stokes been found at the bottom of the stairs in the home of MP Emma Webster? Seeing as Mike and Emma had successfully collaborated on promoting legislation to protect the victims of revenge porn, it's hard to understand what could have happened, especially when Emma is subsequently charged with murder. Her family and her career will be under the legal spotlight but so too will be her reputation, that elusive attribute built over a lifetime.

Gripping and confronting, this English story is a page-turner, highlighting the abuse and misogyny peddled on social media, the power of the mainstream media to create, shape and influence reputation and the challenges faced by women who are in the public eye.



CHCH 299
Only one member of the group enjoyed this and saw it as a good holiday read, some thought there were annoying plot holes and one didn't like her writing style. It was however a good discussion book, on bullying, social media and the treatment of women politicians.
CHCH 517
We all liked the book. Had twists and turns. Could relate to the bullying issues and the challenges faced by those in the public eye.
While this book was about real problems - of bullying and social media trolling, we thought the story was a bit contrived, and some of us did not warm to the main character, Emma. We felt it was not as good as 'Anatomy of a Scandal'.