Rosie Project, The

Simsion, Graeme

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At first glance, Professor Don Tillman and Rosie Jarman are unlikely to be regarded as the romantic couple of the decade. Don, a geneticist blissfully unaware he is on the autistic spectrum, initiates The Wife Project, (featuring a 16 page questionnaire), in order to find his perfect mate. Rosie on the other hand, is more interested in finding out the identity of her biological father and who better to assist her with this than an expert in the field of genetics.

What transpires is a highly enjoyable and refreshing caper that reflects on the universal desire for love and understanding. [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

All of the group enjoyed the book - the writing, the characters and the humour. Several of our members are teachers who come in contact with students on the spectrum (like Don) taking things literally. A good read. Auckland 116

All but one person enjoyed this book, finding it informative and funny, but not necessarily believable. Our collective experience of people with Asperger's is that they find it much harder to change than Don did. Interesting book,interesting discussion. Thanks for including it in the scheme. Auckland 050

We all found "The Rosie Project" a delightful story, full of insights into the relational struggles of those with Asperger's and those relating to them. The style was very easy to read and included opportunities for reflection and giggles. Nelson 058

Most of our group enjoyed this book - some really laughed out loud. A little far-fetched in places, but a light, romantic comedy and easily read. Piopio 001

We all thoroughly enjoyed this book. We found Don and Rosie appealing characters. Apart from giving us all insights into Asperger's Syndrome, we were united in finding certain aspects hilarious, and the unfolding of Don and Rosie's love affair was touching and believable. Matamata 001

Everyone enjoyed reading this - although an easy book to read it stimulated an intense discussion concerning "misfits" in society, and the wide spectrum of degrees of autism and Asperger's. It was great to read a 'laugh out loud' book, and we had differing opinions on who Rosie's real father was!! Waiheke 001

Hands up all round for this wonderfully intelligent comedy, that also gives us insight into the life of someone who is 'different'. Christchurch 203



Laugh out loud at times. We loved it.
CHCH 550
Most enjoyed and thought it was a different but funny and light read.
Majority found this book interesting and a good read, some found it chauvinistic but in a funny way.
AUCK 334
An excellent book.
CHCH 155
An ideal holiday read. Don and Rosie became endearing characters. The cocktails listed in the back pages caused great hilarity.
We had fun doing Don's questionnaire individually! No-one scored highly - thank goodness. Most had a soft spot for Don.
PAUA 001
A light-hearted read which our group thoroughly enjoyed. Loved the way the main character's personality evolved over time. A very entertaining book whilst also insightful.
WELL 215
A light and interesting read. Our whole group enjoyed this book and several members read the sequel. Highly recommend to other groups. We also enjoyed some good discussion around personality types.
CHCH 240
What a delightful read. All enjoyed it and had a good chuckle over Don's awkwardness. A good insight to the issue of Asperger's that reminded some of us of people we know. A light read but good fun and ideal for our holiday read.
CHCH 378
Lively discussion, most enjoyed this book.
Our group loved this book as it was fun and so hilarious in parts you couldn't help but laugh out loud. Addresses what is a serious topic by making it interesting and light so you go away feeling good. We all loved "the jacket" incident and many of us found real examples of something similar. The fact it was a date set up, even though the characters couldn't see it for what was could be understood. We were divided as to who was Rosie's father.
AUCK 335
Everyone enjoyed this book although a few found it quite hard to get into.We enjoyed the humour and several reported laughing aloud. Much of the discussion focussed on people we knew/had known who seemed to be somewhere on the Asperger's/autism spectrum.We thought the four main characters were all well-drawn and liked the way both Rosie and Don developed as their relationship grew.
Our whole group just loved this book - an easy read that was insightful and funny. We felt that we knew several people with similar quirks!
TAUR 018
The group agreed that this was a book that deserved its reviews of 'life-affirming' and 'good hearted'. It stimulated a lively discussion. Generally, we had all enjoyed the book.
CHCH 420
We had mixed reactions to this. Some of us wanted to strangle Don at the beginning, but as he relaxed he became more likeable. The cocktail making and dance sequences were particularly funny.
Most of the comments were positive. Members found Don likeable and kind. Rosie's father was not obvious, and some were still confused as to his identity. The book was amusing, and most gave it a 7.
This novel was greatly enjoyed by all, and those who had read the sequel noted that it was as engaging, if not more so. Discussion focused on the ability of the author to sustain characters, to surprise, and to build empathy and understanding for those who have gifts/abilities that do not comply with the 'norm'.