Sarah Thornhill

Grenville, Kate

  12 Reviews

Following in the footsteps of the earlier story of the Thornhill family introduced in The Secret River, this novel focuses on the youngest daughter. Sarah is a spirited heroine with a strong sense of justice shaping her life as she falls in love, marries another and takes responsibility for righting the wrongs of her family's dark legacy.

With its evocative images of landscape and its engaging characters, this is an unforgettable story of colonial Australia including a brief foray across the Tasman. A satisfying stand-alone.

Comments from Groups

We really liked this book. Had a good discussion Wellington 107

Overall it was an easy read ...those who had read it felt 'The Secret River' was the better book. The theme gave much food for thought. Whangarei 04

Everyone enjoyed this book...Reservations centred around central plot and ending, nevertheless very well written and varied important issues relating to indigenous peoples, the land, past history and colonisation. Dunedin 029



AUCK 027
Most thought it a good read; sometimes things seemed a bit unlikely, but overall good.
MANA 001
Mixed reactions. Probably would have helped to have read her other two books first.
CHCH 111
Someone described the book as a comfortable read. We thought the end was contrived and unlikely. On the whole it was readable.
AUCK 037
Most of the group enjoyed this book although agreed it was a fairly light read. The historical aspect was interesting and the characters well developed. Some of us were irritated by Sarah's grammatical errors, which had to be sustained throughout the novel to make the narrative style authentic. Our discussion centred on the context of the novel and how different Australia's development was to that of NZ.
A mixed response to this book. Several members could not get into the story at all. Others loved it and celebrated by reading the first two in the series. Some very positive comments also. Most thought the ending was badly handled and unrealistic.
AUCK 135
We thought it an interesting story historically, but also thought Sarah's choices at the last part of the story were strange.
MAST 008
All enjoyed this book and found it well-written and easy to read, but felt not as good as the author's first one of the trilogy ' The Secret River'. Some great descriptions and insights into early colonial life in Australia, and the terrible treatment of the Aboriginal people.
PICT 001
Some really enjoyed this book but more were disappointed. Felt the plot was a bit laboured, and that the Maori parts lacked authenticity.
We found the book enjoyable and generally an easy(ish) read.
Everyone liked this book - a new author to us all.
Most of us enjoyed this book though some struggled with the language at first. Good historical novel on early European life in Australia.
CHCH 378
Very easy to read and everyone enjoyed the book.