Secret River, The

Grenville, Kate

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William Thornhill is an illiterate bargeman driven to steal to survive hard times in London. When his death sentence is commuted to extradition to New South Wales, he and his family again find themselves struggling to make ends meet. But, as he transforms himself into a trader, he realises that the British are not the first to make New South Wales their home, and the delicate co-existence with the Aboriginal population dissolves into violence.

Comments from Groups

Liked the style of writing and insight into early convict settlement. Te Anau 001

Everyone liked the book and some really loved it particularly the members who have lived in Sydney. Several are planning to get Kate's other books. Picton 001

Most of us really enjoyed this book - well researched, very descriptive and a good view of the history of the early settlement of Australia. Masterton 008

Everyone thought highly of this book. Excellently researched and beautifully written. Dunedin 029

Discussion was very good and long. Points: immigration, loneliness, hard life for women, indigenous people - and heaps more! Turangi 001



WARK 006
Some couldn't finish the book. Some were disturbed by, or skipped the violence. Comments on differences between NZ and Australian colonial experiences.
NELS 062
Another text which had us thinking, discussing and arguing the many points of view and issues involved. All agreed it was very well-written and most want to read the sequel 'Sarah Thornhill'.
Excellent read! Great historical insight into early Australian history.
WELL 134
Everybody enjoyed this book. We felt that Kate Grenville is a very good writer and has a lyrical way of describing landscapes and emotions. We all acknowledged the pain of the clash of the two cultures, and the questions were good and led us to other examples of conflict and mis-communication.
MTMA 001
A good read with wonderful descriptive passages - made one feel the currents in the river, and the bush clad shores. Good discussion book.
We all enjoyed this book and would recommend it.
ASHB 022
We all enjoyed this book and felt it had relevance to what is happening today in America.
WELL 156
This book provoked considerable discussion of the issues. Most considered it to be very vividly and honestly written with powerful characters and narrative. Some minor criticisms of perceived historical inaccuracies. Two had been motivated to visit the Hawkenbury River.
CHCH 095
Everyone in group enjoyed this book. An easy to read well-written book. Great discussion on pioneers, particularly the strength of women, and the different mindsets of individual land ownership versus communal use of land.
CHCH 378
Wow, what an interesting read. Great insight into the early settlement in NSW. Would like to read more of these books. Led to great discussions.