Silas Marner

Eliot, George

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Once in her childhood, George Eliot saw a linen weaver. Years later, she built this "legendary tale" on the memory. About a lonely man whose life is transformed by someone else's child who becomes his own. [Small font]

Comments from Groups

Everyone enjoyed the book - it is a timeless commentary on many issues affecting humanity. Palmerston North 011

We were impressed with the brilliance of the author. Some members felt as if they were really there in the village. Amberley 002

A slow start and rather bleak, but most enjoyed the language and the evocative settings. It was strangely enjoyable, although a rather moralistic tale. Auckland 063

It is well worth looking at the classics of the 19th century, especially the women authors. We had a very good discussion about Victorian society, and George Eliot in particular. Gisborne 003

' Silas Marner' is beautifully written, and was very much enjoyed by every member (which doesn't always happen!) Nelson 001

Everybody in our group enjoyed 'Silas Marner' despite it being "old-fashioned". Many enjoyed reading it again after having studied it at school. We all found the characters very well described. Christchurch 010



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