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Atkinson, Kate

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From its intriguing title to the reappearance of the reputable private investigator Jackson Brodie, this story is classic Atkinson territory.

Revolving around children - whether abducted, adopted or abused, this story gives full reign to its likeable characters, resolving its intricate plots with flair. A clever and entertaining read. [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

A good read with a fascinating cast of characters working through a clever plot. We are looking forward to the sequel!! Auckland 271

Well written book with a cast of many which tended to jump from the past to the present. To appreciate the story it needed to be read in larger portions rather than small portions. Auckland 058

The group was divided over this book. Those who enjoy Kate Atkinson as a writer loved this book and her style of writing. The rest were not so impressed but did persevere to find out how all the characters were tied together. Christchurch 196

A strange book. Well written but hard to identify with characters. Time and place were confusing.

Most liked the book but we thought there were a few loose ends. We like Kate Atkinson as an author. Rawene 001

Everyone loved this book and those who had read others by this author encouraged those of use who hadn't, to get more. Whakatane 002

No-one enjoyed the book despite liking other titles from the same author. Christchurch 305



NEWP 016
Slow starter but once you got past that it took off. We liked the characters, various storylines and it all comes together. Great read so dont give up!!!
Everyone who read it agreed it was excellent. A bit of a slow starter, several of us found it hard to get into initially but once it clicked you were away. The story races along but slowly (if there is such a thing) The inept detective really added to the whole thing. Interesting subtexts scattered throughout and nicely wrapped up at the end. Strong elements of that English dystopia that has become reality over there, some described it as gritty or squalid, others that it was the bleak underside of England. Recommended.
Our group enjoyed the description of characters and settings. The author does it so well.
CHCH 315
This book was enjoyed by most, though in general we were pretty disappointed. This is number 3 in the Jackson Brodie series, and some of us felt we needed to read the others.
WELL 027
A great read - well written and cleverly constructed with lots for us to discuss.
TAUR 015
Good story. Other books by the same author preferred. The beginning of this story was rather fragmented, but it improved.
CHCH 060
Intense and complex.
Mixed comments. Skilled writer. Felt disjointed to some.
Opinions were divided on Kate Atkinson's whodunnit. Readers either loved the storyline, or for others, the many characters and threads to the story became confusing.
WELL 150
We loved this book! Several of us have started a journey to read more Kate Atkinson.
Great read, part crime, part something else. Lovely writing, whimsical, entertaining, at times quite elegiac. Would definitely recommend as something for everyone.
NELS 002
Most enjoyable read.
Complex story and very well-written. Lots of twists and turns. Created a great discussion.
NELS 050
An interesting read, with many, many characters , each with their own heartbreak in life. Some members are interested in seeking out another of her titles to compare earlier novels with this one.
NELS 015
Most people enjoyed the book, and the humour and wit and the way the strands of the stories came together. Those who hadn't read any of the previous Jackson Brodie books found it confusing at times, not knowing who various people were ( who had appeared in earlier books). Generally a popular book.
Kate Atkinson is a favoured author for several of our members - as the NY Times and Guardian reviews of this book reinforce - she has a quirky style both in a structural and semantic sense. She tantalises, makes one think and follow the "threads of a plait" (member phrase) to come to some sort of tantalising resolution. Very positive evening.
WELL 036
Good story. A bit disjointed unless read continuously. Some mysteries not answered - a bit unsatisfactory. Lots of loose ends to tie up in the end. It created an interesting discussion, looking back at the attitudes of the 1970s.
TAUR 016
Most people enjoyed the book. We thought that the introduction of characters at the beginning made for hard reading but then flowed; some very likeable characters. You had to suspend belief slightly to accept the story. Good descriptions of place, easy to imagine the scene. Good writer. Good discussion.
WELL 058
Very polarising. Members either loved it or hated it. However, it generated much discussion of a very lively nature.
Most of the members found this a complex book to read, too many characters introduced( seemingly without obvious relevance), however some did enjoy the writing skills and the interweaving of plots. The highly descriptive settings did add to the reading experience.