Storyteller, The

Picoult, Jodi

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When Sage Singer befriends nonagenarian Josef Weber, he asks a favour of her. But there is nothing simple about this favour; Josef was a Nazi officer in a concentration camp and is now seeking absolution. Sage's family are Jewish, and in a wry twist of coincidence, there exists a previous connection: Minka, Sage's grandmother, was incarcerated in Auschwitz.

With its different perspectives on the taxing questions of justice and mercy, redemption and forgiveness, this is a gripping story that leaves the reader pondering the moral choices that Sage, Minka and Josef have had to face.

Comments from Groups

We couldn't put this book down once we started it. A very sad story, but Jodi Picoult is such an amazing writer, and there is a twist at the end! Tauranga 039

For many of us, this was an introduction to the author. The complicated construction of the novel was heightened by the different scripts for each story. We found the characters of Mary and Leo endearing. Some thought a sequel to this novel a possibility. Queenstown 003

A very thought provoking read which led to a lively and enjoyable discussion. We would recommend to other groups. Huntly 001

An awesome book - we all thoroughly enjoyed this story. Well written, lots of twists and interesting characters. Sad, happy, and thought provoking - leading to good discussion on other crises in the world, and how so many of the Nazi soldiers were just boys expected to do unthinkable things. Winton 002

We had a very lively discussion. It gave readers a lot to think about. One or two group members did not like it, and found it disturbing. Christchurch 009

Everyone was very impressed with this book. Some found it a bit harrowing and painful to read. A good discussion took place about forgiveness etc. Auckland 199



Overall this book was enjoyed by the group and was a "good story". The ending was frustrating as no real conclusion to the story.
Well written although very disturbing at times. Some members found the names very confusing. Great discussion.
AUCK 230
Mixed feelings in the group. A few didn't like the writing - in fact thought Picoult was using/sensationalising the Holocaust in order to sell another book. Some aspects were not believable. Others were moved and disturbed by it. All of us finished the book, so it did contain that element of tension which took us through to the end.
NEWP 016
This is one book we all read!! it drew us in and we enjoyed it immensely. It was thought-provoking and although sad to read of the conditions during the war, it kept us going. Lively discussion about the ending - would you, or would you not
WELL 024
This story received a mixed reception from the group with polarising responses. This created lively discussion.
AUCK 325
Loved this book!
MAST 014
Fantastic read - everyone really enjoyed it. Lots of interesting discussion ensued.
WARK 005
Most found the book tediously long and drawn out, with irrelevant subplots. However after our discussion session, some of us felt we should read it again.
TURA 002
Difficult subject matter, but good page-turning writing style. Definitely recommend to other groups.
'Enjoyed' would be the wrong word. We all found it compulsive reading, but an horrific story.
A mixed bag with some able to finish the book, and others not. Once hooked you wanted to know what happened. Some issues with rhythm and continuity. Some people found it very easy to read and enjoyed it.
AUCK 314
Sadly we had no chance to discuss this book as a group. But the general opinion was that it was a well-written story, with a nice twist at the end.
CHCH 449
As convenor of this group and a lover of Jodi Picoult's style of writing, I chose this book. It was not a popular choice with some other group members and some didn't even attempt to read it. Those that did found much of it too graphic and disturbing but we did have an interesting discussion about various issues raised in the story.
Some members of our group were unable to complete this book because they found the content too disturbing. Others found the structure, with so many voices interspersed with each other, confusing. A few of us, although fans of Jodi Picoult, did not enjoy this one. The discussion, however, mined many moral issues.
This is an extraordinary read and another of Jodi Picoult's fine novels. Very upsetting in many areas related to the concentration camps and atrocities in WW2. Members did, however, find the Nazi officer's arrival into the plot at an elderly age, rather unlikely and overdone.
NELS 028
Quite different to previous Jodi Picoult books. A harrowing read in parts.
NAP 020
We all enjoyed the book. Very well written and compelling reading, especially the twist in the end. Well researched! A good discussion had comparing the Holocaust with what is happening in the world today. Nothing changes.
TAUP 006
We had mixed feelings about the book, but there was general agreement that we should never forget the events in Germany in WW2. Some felt the complexity of the narrative detracted from the story, others couldn't put the book down. We all agreed that it is a good choice for a book club, with lots of things to talk about.
AUCK 271
A gruesome read. Clever plot, but at times too scary to read. A story of survival, and living with the consequences of past mistakes or choices made in times of conflict. Would recommend to Picoult fans.
A complex novel with Jodi Picoult's usual twist. We enjoyed Minka's life story, finding her account of life in Ausch witz harrowing but informative. An interesting novel that we would recommend.