Terrible Kindness, A

Wroe, Jo Browning

  10 Reviews

William Lavery's life has headed down a different track from what is expected. A talented singer, it is presumed that this is where his future lies. However, at the tender age of nineteen, he instead qualifies as an embalmer. In what becomes a defining moment in his life, he volunteers to attend a colliery collapse in a Welsh village where there are multiple fatalities. Affected by his experience, William is forced to face up to previous trauma and reclaim his life.

Based around the 1966 Aberfan disaster in Wales, this is a moving but ultimately hopeful story of love, grief and forgiveness.



PAUA 002
Very much enjoyed this beautifully written story. Sad but uplifting at the same time.
TURA 001
What a great novel! And writing about this subject... a lot of people don't want to hear or know about. Everyone absolutely loved the book ( and needed some tissues). Just brilliant!
WELL 045
We all thoroughly enjoyed this beautifully written novel. A good discussion about wide-ranging aspects including mother's love/influence/suffocation, only child, solo parenting, changing attitudes to homosexuality, death rituals and embalming, community experience of grief, personal growth, influence and value of friendship... and much more!
This is a book that will stay with you and gets you to think about the unspoken realities of life. Its the first book weve read that was well received by ALL members. A great pick!
CHCH 566
We all enjoyed the story, although a couple of members struggled with the graphic nature at times. Beautifully written.
CHCH 566
This is a beautifully written book with the themes of love, friendship and trauma running throughout. We enjoyed that it is based on a real-life event and although quite dark at times, there are many light moments to lift the spirits.
AUCK 443
A lesson in why not to "pull down the blinds" and cherish your good fortune and talents. We discussed the importance of allowing children to grieve/face life. We appreciated William's sensitivity and kindness but could have shaken him for his poor reactions/choices/non assertion. We loved the very forgiving/loving uncle and partner, Gloria and Martin. That music brought William and others back to life, its consolation and absolution, was gratifying...
Totally loved this book. Great discussion - many themes.
WELL 227
Enjoyable read - best book of the year so far!
CHCH 125
A fabulously written book. Sensitive and beautiful. Subject matter not often written about, and also covered the topic of homosexuality in less enlightened times.